Gabby hit the ground running with us; we had a large Toyota campaign coming out and she had less than a week to turn around the release, secure exclusives and make sure we were in every trade publication across our global markets. Not only did she achieve this, but she did it efficiently and with good grace, I’ve never known her lose her temper or say “no”; she always looks for the best ways to tackle a challenge and if she doesn’t think your idea or approach is the right one, she’ll find an alternative spin. Working directly with the account teams, Gabby has implemented a plan to make sure she’s aware of all work across T&P London, Pulse (News UK), Toyota Europe and Team Nucleus (British Gas).


Left to her own devices, I’m updated weekly on progress; what she’s working on, timelines and with coverage reports throughout launch and at end of campaign. We’ve had great success, from our initial release for Toyota’s 'Move Ahead', Argos’ 2019 Christmas campaign, the launch of our first British Gas campaign and NatWest's ‘We Are What we Do’. Liaising not only with us, but also with the production house, post facilities and at times, with our clients; Gabby makes sure everything comes together, that no one is excluded from the coverage and that everyone is happy with the message she puts out for us.

Christian Hinchcliffe

Global CMO & Partner



I have turned to Gabby on a number of occasions for expert advice, guidance and consultancy. She has a unique PR skill-set that makes her invaluable as someone that can deliver both insightful planning and executional excellence. She's also a lot of fun to be around.

Matt Dyke

Founding Partner


I had the pleasure of working with Gabby in Asia over 2017; she turned our new Hong Kong (regional) and China PR efforts from a whisper to a loud voice, setting us on our way to a higher profile in 2018. Her relationship skills are excellent and, unsurprisingly, she has an unbeatable network that's built on many years of experience. Gabby is highly collaborative with her clients - she became 'one of us' in the time we partnered together, immersing herself in our vision, mission, language and culture.  Whether you are aiming to place your company firmly on the map in the minds of your audience, or looking at boosting existing perceptions, Gabby will get you there quickly and creatively.

Chris Ryan

MD and Partner, Asia


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Gabby is insightful and focused, as well as being affable and easy to talk to. Everything she has worked on for us has been smooth and detailed, with clear aims and defined results.  She’s proactive in her thinking, always looking for opportunities to raise our profile, and a delight to work with.

Andrew Levene

Managing Director

Stink Films London

Don't Panic


Joe Wade

Managing Director

Don't Panic

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Smart, well-connected and switched on, Gabby is a joy to work with. She supported us during exciting times, maximised our coverage and challenged us. Gabby is very collaborative to work with, firm and fair and always looking to enhance what is possible. I was delighted with the results we achieved together.

Cat Turner 

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder


Fast Company

As someone who gets too many pitches a day, Gabby was a refreshing change. Forget the random (and useless), send-to-everyone-and-see-what-sticks approach to PR, she knows what you write about, the focus of the publication and where her client might effectively fit in.

Jeff Beer

Senior Staff Editor

Fast Company

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As a journalist I've found Gabby's pitches are always informed, incisive and understanding of the publication's target market. She knows how to strike the right balance between persistence and pushiness, which in a PR person is invaluable.

Alexandra Jardine

Associate Editor

AdAge - Creativity Online


Gabby has clear creativity and is particularly strong at developing ideas and initiatives promoting new work and new thinking… able to write well and pull together thought pieces around a range of diverse topics - from Brexit to Data. She is a popular member of the team and able to partner with senior people across a range of disciplines.

Chris Hirst

Global CEO

Havas Creative 

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Everything Gabrielle delivers is a tour de force; sharp, perceptive and creative, she is adept at taking your overarching objectives and creating a PR plan that exceeds your goals. Extremely well connected, and with an acute awareness of everything that’s happening in the industry, Gabrielle ensures that you are consistently top of mind. She's a whirlwind of energy and the driving force behind many of our successful campaigns.

Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke

UK Marketing Director 


Genius Steals

An excellent strategic communications thinker and doer. Gabby’s tapped into the advertising and marketing community and topics around the globe. She’s a calm, creative and cheerful person who turns ideas into stories the press love.

Faris Yakob


Genius Steals

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